· Steel construction of all kinds

· From the canopy for a single family home to road bridges

· Hand-build locksmith and metal staircases

· Surface treatment, hot galvanizing and metallization with powder coating

· Engineering, from the project study to the transformation of the manufacturing plans

Steel Constructions

Manufacture and installation from moderate to medium-heavy steel structures, mainly designed as a welded construction.


Private sector: Balcony, patio, carport, gangway


Industry sector: Hall, stage, pedestrian bridges, platform and steel structures

Locksmith Craft

Locksmith services for indoor and outdoor areas for private customers and major customers.

Custom made windows, display cases, glass domes and conservatories

Steel railings of all types, with glass or perforated metal panels and various other forms

Hot Galvanization

Corrosion protection trough metallic zinc coating, achieved by immersion in a zinc bath of +/- 450 ° C.

Max. Zinc Bath dimensions: 9,8m x 1,5m x 1,85m

Powder Coating

Coating method in which an electrically conductive component is coated after a pre-treatment with the powder coating.

The powder coatings are mainly based on an epoxy- or polyester-resin. At 140° C - 250° C, the applied powder is melted in the furnace so that the cross-linking process, the so-called burn-in occurs.

-> Wide range of colors


Applying a zinc coating (by using a flame to melt the zinc).

The advantage over the hot-dip galvanizing is that even thin, delicate components can be treated without having a distortion at the final result.

Specialised workshop in stainless steel

Manufacture and assembly of all types of stainless steel, mainly railings and wall-covers for modern buildings.

Corten Steel

Corten sheets build under the actual rust a protection layer which protects it from further corrosion.

-> Facade of buildings

-> Roofs

-> Dressing sod walls or in the outdoor area

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